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Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking cameras & unique profiling

How vehicle tracking is performed by traffic surveillance and monitoring cameras?

The ANPR software of traffic monitoring cameras reads the license plates of all vehicles passing in front of the traffic camera. The collected data are constantly verified with the national database to check potential matching.

Could a traffic monitoring system do the unique profiling of a vehicle?

With the BCCM software, embedded in our road security cameras, the system can compare in real-time the license plate of a vehicle with its correspondent brand, colour, class and model to verify if there are any inconsistencies.

Vehicle tracking

What are the main applications of traffic monitoring cameras?


The road security cameras are employed to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. All vehicles’ transits are captured by the traffic monitoring cameras and documented by sending directly to a centralized database a greyscale image of the number plate recognised and the related textual information (date, hour, plate number).



It is the smart solution to crime prevention. With the ANPR mobile camera, police forces can check in real-time several kinds of possible violations: through the embedded vehicle plate recognition software this ANPR system can check the validity of vehicle insurance, the presence of a valid vehicle inspection report, but also criminal offences including stolen vehicles or duplicated number plates. The ANPR device is installed on the roof of police patrol cars and it is connected to a tablet computer.


Why choose Tattile Traffic Monitoring Camera?

Tattile provides a wide solution ANPR portfolio based on intelligent traffic monitoring cameras, designed to perform different applications in the ITS ecosystem.

Our scalable ANPR cameras are capable to concentrate embedded analysis, AI- based algorithms, high performances and reliability into a well-designed case.

Tattile’s continuously evolving technology allows our customers a state of the art ITS solution totally conform to their specifications.

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