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Tolling+ 55/85 born for MLFF tolling


Two AI accelerators for unseen performances

The Dual AI Accelerator offers a revolutionary solution for challenging multilane free flow (MLFF) tolling applications assuring maximum transit detection performance with an accuracy rate up to 99,9% without using an external trigger device.

The camera can detect and evaluate transits using OCR and context channels. This improves the visibility of objects in different working conditions, as it operates in both the infrared and visible fields. This results in better performance in various lighting conditions and for complex objects like license plates that are dirty or damaged.
It ensures real-time and reliable detection even in high-traffic scenarios, reducing congestion and enabling seamless toll collection.

Tolling+ is equipped with new high-quality sensor (up to 8Mpx on the OCR channel), providing better image quality.


  • Free-Flow tolling