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Advanced Road Safety: Patrolling Traffic Control with ANPR Cameras

Patrolling with ANPR camera, how does it work?

  • Technology-assisted patrols involve the use of advanced surveillance technologies, such as ANPR cameras mounted on a vehicle to help the police check license plates directly from the car in movement.
  • ANPR Camera provides a complete transit data set, recognizing the license plate; in that way, police forces can check several possible violations in real time.
  • ANPR camera mounted on the vehicle allows for the identification of stolen vehicles, suspicious vehicles, or vehicles associated with criminal activities in real-time. This enables law enforcement to respond quickly to potential threats and prevent criminal activities.
  • Patrolling with license plate reading cameras offers a range of key benefits that enhance public safety, reduce crime, and optimize law enforcement operational efficiency.

With an ANPR camera mounted on the vehicle, police forces can check several possible violations in real time.

  • ANPR mobile cameras are devices that use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read and capture license plate numbers.
  • These cameras are typically mounted on the exterior of a vehicle, offering several benefits, including:
    • Improved accuracy in capturing license plate numbers,
    • Increased mobility and flexibility in terms of where the camera can be positioned
    • The capability of capturing data in real-time quickly and efficiently.
  • ANPR mobile cameras mounted on board of a vehicle do not require the installation of additional processing units or physical connection between the cameras and the onboard computer/tablet.
  • The license plates analysis is done directly from the cameras installed on the roof, bonnet, or trunk of the car, and the data transmission occurs in Wi-Fi mode.

Tattile ANPR Mobile camera advantages:

  • AP Wi-Fi on board: not necessary to connect physically the camera to the laptop/tablet inside the car.
  • Quick installation and easy to move from one car to another.
  • GPS on board.
  • Embedded license plate analysis (OCR onboard)
  • All in one: monochrome and color sensors, IR illuminator


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