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High technology performance with ANPR cameras

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a highly accurate, camera and software-based technology capable of automatically recognizing car plate numbers all around the world, under all weather conditions and without the need for human intervention.

Application fields of ANPR cameras

ANPR cameras (also known as licence plate recognition camera) equipped with advanced software and algorithms provide a unique solution in the ITS sector. They monitor traffic, detect violations, and contribute to road safety.

For traffic monitoring camera, and enforcement cameras the fields of application are various, with enforcement measurements ranging from speed and red-light enforcement to parking enforcement and access control to priority lanes such as bus lanes or limited traffic zone.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR camera is also applied in tolling projects when it comes to axle counting, free flow, and stop-and-go tolling, as well as control of low emission zones in the smart mobility contest.

traffic surveillance with alpr camera

Benefits and advantages of using ANPR Cameras

Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras provides a highly accurate automated reading of vehicles’ plates, limits human manual review, and automates the processing of tasks. ANPR camera (lpr camera) can be used for tracking the movement of criminals (as crime deterrent), avoiding dangerous situations, and collecting data.

Why choose Tattile ANPR Cameras?

Tattile ANPR camera has the best synergy between hardware and software. The hardware architecture is specifically designed to offer incredible computational power to the Stark Platform.
Multiple Neural Network Accelerators are designed to execute powerful AI algorithms efficiently.

The latest generation of the Tattile ANPR cameras have on board Stark, the new software platform developed from scratch, having in mind to achieve the double certification, IEC-62443, focused on software security, and ISO-27001, focused on infrastructure IT security.

Tattile ANPR cameras are unique for their capability of being completely configurable according to the customer’s needs. The ANPR solution is tailor-made with outstanding embedded technology that guarantees high performance. Tattile ANPR systems are designed to work natively with several external devices and software. Support for a wide range of standard protocols and formats, making integration easier.

Alpr camera system

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