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Enforcement Projects

The use of non-invasive technology, such as radar together with multiple Artificial Intelligence applications (AI), creates an innovative multi-tasking solution, that combines enforcement functionalities with vehicle tracking, intersection analysis and security.

Slovenia successfully introduces Electronic Vignette


COUNTRY: Slovenia


As of March 2022, the highway concessionaire in Slovenia DARS successfully introduced the Slovenia Electronic Vignette on highways…

…for motor vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. For this vehicle class, the new digital E-VINJETA completely replaces the former sticker vignette. The new electronic vignette is linked to the vehicle plate number. Therefore, when purchasing an E-Vignette, highway users need to enter their correct plate number and country of vehicle registration. The toll amount is calculated for a given validity period which can be chosen upon purchase.


In the transition period after introducing the electronic vignette, DARS decided to acquire 20 Tattile Smart 2HD cameras for temporary enforcement of the E-VINJETA. These ALPR cameras are installed on a tripod and located on the roadside. Based on the enforcement needs of DARS, the mobile system can be moved from one site to another. Further equipped with a power supply system (battery) and a communication module, the Tattile Smart 2HD cameras read the license plates of all passing vehicles. This enables DARS to identify vehicles which didn’t purchase the e-vignette and issue a fine to the vehicle owners.

(photos from Primorske Novice)


Sarajevo police installs license plate detection cameras to convict offenders




The Police Directorate in the Sarajevo Canton of Bosnia has implemented 18 Tattile Vega Smart 2HD cameras based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms…

primarily to detect speed violations and vehicles with documented crime offenses. The cameras are part of the SPARTA system and in addition to their key function of automatic number plate recognition enable embedded brand, class, and color and model recognition of each passing vehicle. The main purpose of the traffic security system is to document speed violations; to detect vehicles whose registration has expired as well as stolen vehicles; and to identify vehicles where a criminal offence of the owner is documented in order to alert law enforcement officers either in back-office (web based app) and on the field (mobile app).


“With the help of these smart cameras for traffic surveillance, the police officers have accurate documentation on the vehicles in violation. Even if police fail to immediately stop the offender, the violation is stored in the device’s memory and transmitted to a central database. As such it is almost impossible to avoid punishment. Once you exceed the speed limit, you will be penalized, and the same goes for the second time”, a representative of Sarajevo police explained and added that the district plans to acquire up to 15 additional traffic monitoring cameras.

SPARTA as a traffic security solution enhances violation management and is developed according to police requirements to automatize and reduce violation processing. At the core of the system used in Sarajevo district is a Tattile smart camera with best ANPR software in the field for vehicle plate recognition.

Making roads safer in Vietnam


COUNTRY: Vietnam


For some years now, Vietnam has been the protagonist of constant economic and technological growth,…

and as such positioning the country as a leader in ITS and Smart City infrastructure in the APAC taking not of the capabilities of the latest smart traffic camera generationIn this regard, the country initiated an ambitious project for traffic road safety and traffic offences control renovation. The ITS systems using cctv traffic monitoring cameras will be installed in the North of Vietnam, creating the new backbone for road user protection and enhancing the relative driving experience. Tattile has been chosen as exclusive European ANPR (ALPR) camera supplier.

The ITS systems with Tattile license plate reader cameras will be applied to measure the vehicles speed in the most critical stretches of the road and to detect red-light violations in selected intersections. All these applications will have the common goal to reduce casualties and to protect the citizens by making roads safer in Vietnam.

In addition to the enforcement capabilities, the traffic monitoring systems will provide the detection of each transit. Those transits, together with the ones collected by fully dedicated ANPR cameras installed on the road, will allow the government to collect and apply Big Data. These large data amounts, including license plate numbers and vehicle profiles, are useful for various security and counter crime purposes such as preventing vehicles from being stolen and tracking hit-and-run offenders.

The project involves a choice of Tattile smart traffic cameras, including Tattile Vega Smart 2HD, Vega Smart Speed and Vega Smart Traffic Light cameras. Without the need of external computers or costly IT infrastructure these license plate reader devices, equipped with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), are capable to analyse the traffic scenes in real-time.

The time frame to realize this innovative and ambitious project is set to last up to three year…and it’s just getting started.

First ALPR technology supervised railroad crossing in Argentina

COUNTRY: Argentina


According to local authorities of the city of Pilar in Argentina, on average 60 vehicles per day crossed the unsupervised railroad crossing of the San Martìn railway…

even when the train barriers were closed, and a train was already approaching. This led to negotiations between the railroad company Trenes Argentinos and the municipality of Pilar to install a mechanism avoiding accidents caused by these unauthorized crossing of the tracks using traffic monitoring cameras with number plate recognition software.


Finally, the first intelligent low-barrier railroad crossing enforcement system in the country was implemented using a Tattile Vega Smart Red Traffic Light camera. The intelligent ALPR camera is activated each time the railroad barrier closes and takes a picture of each vehicle passing the railroad crossing when the barrier is down. The alpr camera software inside the Tattile red light traffic camera reads the license plate of the vehicle causing the violation. With this information the infringement is documented allowing the authorities to issue fines which go up to $ 13,000.

An additional benefit the new smart traffic camera-based crossing enforcement system also warns Trenes Argentinos in case of a malfunction of the signals protecting the railway crossing to quickly place operational staff on-site to enable drivers to cross the intersection.

Since the problem of unauthorized crossing of closed railway barriers exists in many other intersections of rail and road across Argentina, plans are to expand this project to other areas such as Moròn, Tres de Febrero, Quilmes and San Miguel in order to further reduce low-barrier railroad violations through applying alpr technology.

Tattile Anpr cameras used for enforcement
Italy 200 Red Light & Speed violation enforcement
Italy 300 Red Light violation enforcement
Turkey 150 Red Light & Speed violation enforcement + Electronic Enforcement System (EES)
Romania 100 Red Light violation enforcement
Ecuador 50 Red Light violation
Vietnam 150 Red Light & Speed violation enforcement
Egypt 60 Red Light violation
Argentina 5 Level Crossing & Speed Enforcement