customer profiling with ANPR software for license plates


What is ANPR software?

ANPR/ALPR software is an image processing software capable of detecting and recognising license plates and converting them to digital data.

How ANPR software work?

The camera with the embedded ANPR software detects all vehicles passing in front of it and takes images of their license plate. Usually, the ANPR camera collects several frames and automatically selects the best ones to read the plate.

Tattile ALPR cameras also collect and provide additional data, like the vehicle’s estimated speed, direction, and country of origin. Some cameras can even classify the vehicle and recognise the brand, colour, class and model.

The camera’s output related to transit is composed of images and metadata such as license plate characters, date/time, coordinates, etc.

Applications of ANPR software?

ANPR software can be used for multiple purposes. It is mainly used for:




Accuracy of ANPR software for proper results?

Data reliability and accuracy for ANPR software are essential. In many applications, you can’t lose data, and they must be highly accurate. All Tattile ANPR/ALPR cameras are tested on-field worldwide to grant these characteristics, high performances and precise results.

How to choose the best ANPR software?

Tattile offers a wide range of ANPR cameras and gives the possibility to customise them according to the customer’s needs. To choose the best ANPR software, Tattile provides a fantastic team of highly professional people in charge of analysing customers’ needs and propose them the best solution to achieve their goals.

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