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Bus Lanes Enforcement Camera

ANPR cameras for fast tracks Bus Lane Enforcement

Bus lane enforcement, how the camera works?

  • A bus lane enforcement camera is a type of traffic camera used to monitor and enforce traffic regulations in bus lanes. These cameras are typically installed on poles or on top of traffic lights, and are designed to capture images and video footage of vehicles that enter and use designated bus lanes illegally.
  • Bus lane enforcement cameras are used to improve the flow of public transport and reduce congestion on busy roads. By deterring drivers from illegally using bus lanes, they can help to ensure that buses can move more freely and keep to their schedules. They can also help to reduce the risk of accidents and improve road safety.

Tattile cameras for real time transit detection

  • OCR on board: the system does not need either post processing devices or high speed/capability data connection
  • Every single transit is documented by sending directly a BW image of the number plate and related textual information (date, hour, license number) to an FTP server
  • Local buffering of information to keep track of events and actions in case of disruption in the data connection
  • The system is easy to integrate with CCTV cameras
  • Non-invasive installation, thanks to the automatic mode, which does not need external sensors to detect the presence of a vehicle. So, no excavation works are necessary in the streets to implement the system


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