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Tolling Projects

Wherever a reliable Free Flow and Stop & Go application is required, Tattile provides innovative state of the art Cameras (Axle Counter) capable to ensure the highest detection and reading rates in every traffic, weather and license plate conditions.

ANPR-based Tolling System in Republic of Srpska




The Republic of Srpska, part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has approximately 100 km of the highway network currently covered by a toll system, including…

nine toll plazas with about 55 toll lanes. On the highway connecting the cities of Banja Luka and Doboj, the modern toll collection system enables charging all highway users according to their distance travelled and vehicle class.

Exceptions are currently made for vehicles with VIP status, emergency service vehicles and military convoys. Since the operator Autoputevi Republike Srpske still wants to offer a choice in payment, the toll plazas have different lanes providing manual ticket issuing and payment, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and a mixed lane offering both options. At the manual entrance lanes, the driver takes the magnetic ticket with encoded and printed data relevant for toll payment in cash or credit card at an exit station of the highway. At the ETC entrance lanes, the vehicles are registered without stopping, and the relevant data are recorded and stored in an onboard unit (OBU) and in the lane and plaza computer database. ETC lanes perform toll payment transactions electronically and optionally in pre-payment or post-payment.

A prerequisite for electronic toll collection is the number plate recognition of all vehicles passing the electronic nonstop lane. For this purpose, Tattile Basic Short-Range cameras are installed on all entrance lanes to capture ANPR data and obtain fast and secure vehicle transits. At the manual lane, the Basic cameras capture the number plate for security reasons.

The Tattile cameras must perform reliably in all weather conditions, even against sun flare, and during day or night. According to Autoputevi Republike Srpske, the Highway network in the Republic of Srpska will be further expanded, and Tattile Basic ANPR cameras will be the preferred technology for the new toll system modernisation projects in the Republic of Srpska.

Toll plaza modernization in Portugal enables ‘Via Verde’ Electronic Toll Collection


COUNTRY: Portugal


Ascendi, a highway operator in Portugal, has modernized 22 toll plazas on the highways A7 and A11 of Norte Route and 4 plazas along the A16 of Grande Lisboa…

portugal-tolling-projectThe goal was to renew the toll collection equipment to achieve a state-of-the-art level of automation of the toll plazas and reduce the slowdown of the traffic flow during toll collection as much as possible.


For this purpose, overall 188 lanes have been equipped with front and rear OCR Tattile Basic ANPR Cameras. The new system now offers high-speed OCR number plate recognition for manned and automatic Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) even up to top tier fast ETC lanes that, managed together with the Via Verde system (motorway toll collection system with the use of electronic toll), allow a fast toll collection experience without the need for vehicle stopping.


Toll tunnels under Liverpool’s Mersey River receive Pay by Plate update


COUNTRY: United Kingdom


With over 70,000 journeys a day, the Kingsway (Wallasey) and Queensway (Birkenhead) auto traffic tunnels running under Mersey River…

are critical to the social and economic wellbeing of the greater Liverpool area in the United Kingdom. In recognizing that continued investment is needed to keep the tunnels running efficiently and safely, tunnel operator Merseytravel decided to replace the existing DSRC system, which was built on antennas and tags, with a modern video-tolling solution based on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Introducing this cutting-edge technology is part of the wider Merseytravel vision to make transport services easier for people to use.


Starting in November 2021, the new system called ‘T-FLOW’ has modernized the way tunnel users pre-pay for their journeys. ‘T-FLOW’ uses in total 37 Tattile Vega Basic short-range ALPR/ANPR cameras which are installed on each lane on both tolling plazas: 16 on Wallasey and 21 on Birkenhead. The Vega Basic traffic monitoring cameras read vehicle number plates and activate the payment process if the license plates are registered to an account. Once payment has been approved, the barrier will rise, enabling the most convenient and efficient tolling experience for all drivers who registered for the new payment process. According to the operator, new customers to the T-FLOW system will be able to use the system within 30 minutes after registering.

Smooth free flow tolling in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


COUNTRY: Slovakia & Czech Republic


Tattile Vega Smart cameras are a preferred choice for electronic free flow tolling systems in many countries across the globe…

as such they have also been chosen for two tolling projects recently deployed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both projects included the installation of stationary enforcement gantries equipped with Tattile Vega Smart 2HD cameras to continuously control if trucks using the highway have paid the relative toll fee. 50 Vega Smart HD cameras have been installed on gantries above Slovakian highways and further 180 cameras in the multi lane free flow tolling system on the highway network in the Czech Republic in order to maintain 24/7 toll monitoring.


The motion and real-time licence plate identification algorithm together with OCR running inside the camera make the Vega Smart 2HD a reliable non-invasive solution for recognition of transiting vehicles up to a speed of 250 km/h. Furthermore, a vehicle recognition algorithm can optionally be uploaded easily in the camera like the concept of apps in modern smartphones. This algorithm then delivers additional ‘BCCM’ information including the vehicles´ brand, colour, class and model. These further classification parameters allow generating a unique fingerprint of each vehicle to complement the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) accuracy and thus increase reliance of smooth free flow tolling.

All Tattile smart anpr (alpr) cameras on the monitored road networks send their image data of the moving vehicles to the central enforcement system of the free flow toll system. Here, the actual control process is performed and in case of traffic offence fines are generated for the unlucky drivers which were detected by the camera eyes of Tattile Vega Smart.

Maximize toll system efficiency in Serbia




The tolling infrastructure in the Repulic of Serbia currently covers over 900 highway kilometres with 65 toll plazas;…

a dense network that requires quick and efficient throughput of vehicles in order to provide a minimum time delay for all drivers. On about 270 toll lanes Tattile Vega Basic short range cameras are installed for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) purposes, one camera per lane located at the lane entrance. When a vehicle enters the toll lane the Tattile ANPR camera is digitally triggered taking pictures of the vehicle front side to recognize the license plate and send the image via TCP connection to the lane controller.

This vehicle plate recognition information is merged with data received from other parts of system according to the respective payment method. On the manual toll lanes ANPR data are additional data used for better vehicle identification. The data is written onto the magnetic cards used as evidence of regular entry to the system and later for charging on the highway exit lanes.

For the Electronic Toll Collection nonstop lanes, the ANPR data from the Tattile number plate recognition cameras are vitally important. Here, the ANPR data needs to be read out up to 200 meters ahead of the crossing point in order to obtain fast and secure vehicle transits and the Tattile ANPR camera software can prove their stable performance against sun flare and in all kind of weather conditions during day or night. On ETC lanes ANPR camera data are compared with automatic vehicle classification and additional On-board Unit (OBU) data in order to maintain successful nonstop transit through the toll lane for a free flow toll system.

As the highway network in Serbia is constantly expanding cameras ANPR camera manufacturer Tattile expects to have further installations at toll lanes in new toll stations. Additionally, the licence plate detection cameras of Italian origin are part of the retrofitting tolling system modernization project in Serbia.

Tattile Anpr cameras used for tolling application
USA 110 SRTA Georgia Multilane Free Flow Tolling
Italy 3.000 Set Caselli National Highways network project
Italy 150 Pedemontana – Multilane Free Flow Tolling
Chile 300 Costanera & Vespucio Sur Multilane Free Flow
Marocco 120 Highways Stop & Go Tolling
Panama 75 ENA – Multilane free Flow
Mexico 600 Mexico Districto Federal – Stop & Go Tolling
Azerbaijan 100 Baku – Stop & Go Tolling
Russia 300 M11 Moscow Saint Petersburg – Stop & Go Tolling
Norway 200 E6-E18 – Multilane Free Flow Tolling
France 400 APRR and ATMB highway network – Stop&go tolling
Algeria 220 Ada Algeria – Toll Collection
Turkey 320 State & Private Highway – Toll Collection
Czech Republic 350 Czech Republic & Slovakia Road Network – Free Flow Tolling
Sud Africa 200 N3, N4, N2N – Toll Collection
Argentina 50 Caba – Free Flow Tolling
Ireland 16 DIRECTROUTE – M8, Fermoy – Toll collection