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Vega53: Born for free flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security applications.


The new generation of AI-based ANPR cameras

Hi-end camera expressly developed to cover, with outstanding performances, all the requirements in free flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security

With full onboard image capture and processing, Vega53 camera provides outstanding performance and flexibility for all ANPR and vehicle identification tasks.
The system is able to cover up to 2 lanes and detects vehicles at high speed

Vega53 camera is a specialized system that meets the demands of one-lane free-flow tolling, traffic monitoring, and security. It can cover up to two lanes (1 lane + overlap for tolling) and detect vehicles travelling at high speed.

Vega53 camera has not only ANPR (ALPR) functionality but also the capability to add vehicle color, brand, and model identification.
Moreover, it can support HD video streaming for surveillance, eliminating the need for additional CCTV cameras.

The camera has a high-power integrated infrared illuminator to support demanding performances such as multiple countries’ plate recognition with optimal reading performances even in high complexity scenarios (reflective, non-reflective, coloured plates with multiple charset support).

Management Systems can be easily achieved with REST API interfacing, multiple configurable protocols, metadata, and image options.


  • Toll collection
  • Free Flow
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security


  • Equipped with Stark, the game-changer software platform for the new generation of Tattile’s ANPR cameras.
  • Built-in self-triggering based on image processing
  • Easy integration with REST API interface
  • Internal buffering and optional storage for off-line operations