Project Description

Red light traffic camera

Smart Red Traffic Light Camera

The new concept of red light enforcement cameras


Tattile Smart Red Traffic Light is the system designed for applications of red light violations. The device allows the red light status identification through image analysis (without external sensors); no external device is requested, therefore installation and maintenance costs are reduced.

The system is able to manage different kinds of traffic installations (one or two lanes, one traffic light for each lane or every two lanes).

Capability to recognise every plate (not only violators), very useful for security purposes.

All transit plates are recorded and available for:

– Red light enforcement

– Tax and insurance control

– Vehicle tracking

– Traffic monitoring



    • Enforcement
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Security


Information Request

The system creates detailed evidence report and can be combined with speed enforcement.

With its unique ITS product range Tattile revolutionizes the way red light violation enforcement is taken out. The new Tattile Smart Red Traffic Light automatically detects the light status of a traffic light using camera-based image analysis without any external sensor and thus reduces installation and maintenance efforts to the minimum. Every time the light turns red the violation mode activates and the system creates a virtual trigger on the road surface. Once a vehicle crosses this virtual line causing a violation, the intelligent camera takes a picture of the license plate which is then read out by the embedded OCR engine. In addition, a series of monochrome or optionally color context pictures is made to show the vehicle approaching the traffic light and passing the stop line at the red signal. Moreover, for the final proof, even a video showing the violation is delivered.

The entire report containing all violation evidences, including date and time of the violation and duration of the red phase at the time of violation, is created inside the Tattile system and made ready to be stored or passed on to the traffic authorities. By this, no additional software or external processing power on servers is needed; this makes the system extremely cost-efficient. The Tattile Smart TL is able to manage different kinds of traffic installations from one to two lanes and from one traffic light per lane to one traffic light every two lanes. The video mode inside the system can be used to establish a constant HD video stream of the scene.

In particular for inner-city applications the Tattile Smart Traffic Light enforcement system can easily be combined with the Tattile Smart Speed system to monitor both speed and red light violations in a given area and save installation costs of more complex but less efficient systems.

With all these new features the Tattile Smart Traffic Light camera has evolved from a pure ANPR (ALPR) camera to a complete vehicle identification system. This gives the user the additional benefit to identify all passing vehicles; a feature that can be used for traffic monitoring and vehicle tracking even while the red light violation is active. Bearing in mind the ease of installation and the stand-alone solution with no need for additional processing power the new Tattile systems enters a new dimension of cost-effectiveness in the ANPR-sector.

Software features and performances
Lane Detected2
Max Vehicle Speed 250 km/h - 155 mph
Working DistanceUp to 25 m - Up to 82 ft
OCRANPR (ALPR) engine on board
2nd Lever OCRoptional
Capture rateUp to 75 fps
Vehicle Coloroptional
Vehicle Brandoptional
Vehicle Modeloptional
StreamingVideo streaming via standard RTSP protocol
Web ServerInstallation and configuration by Web Server on board
TCP/IP ServerConfiguration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol (SDK provided)
Date and HourSynchronization via NTP protocol, IEEE1588, GPS
Software UpdateUpgrading via Web Interface and SDK
FTPFTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; Multiple IP servers addressable
TCP/IPTattile TCP/IP open protocol; (SDK provided)
Serial PortInsulated RS485
Free RunContinuous image capture and processing
TriggeredImage capture and processing triggered by Ethernet command or digital signal
Technical features
ANPR (ALPR) camera5 MPX BW
5 MPx Color (color version)
Context camera2.3 MegaPixel Color CMOS sensor
Illuminator12 high power LEDs, InfraRed @ 850 nm
LensesC-Mount. Many focal lengths available
Operating SystemLinux Operating System
Digital i/o6 Optoisolated input - 4 Relay Output – 1 Strobe output
ConnectorsWaterproof circular connector
IP ProtectionWaterproof IP68
EthernetGigaBit Ethernet 10/100/1000
StorageuSD up to 128 GB
Optional HD/SSD
Operating & Storage TemperatureFrom -40° to +60° C - From -40° to +140° F
Operating & Storage HumidityUp to 95% non condensing
Dimensions290 x 127 x 235 mm - 11.4 x 5 x 9.25 in (WxHxL)
Weight5.5 kg - 12.12 lbs
Protection Waterproof IP68
Power supply voltage24 Vdc
Power consumption50 W (max)
Included Features and Optionals
Double ProcessorX
OCR 5Mp SensorX
Color SensorX
Micro SdX
Embedded IlluminatorX
Linux OsX
Traffic Light Violation SwX
Rigel Traffic AnalysisX
Easinstall AppX
Brand RecognitionX
Color RecognitionX
Model RecognitionX
Optical ClassificationX
Second Level OCRX
Speed EstimationX
HD VideoX
F01769 SMART TRAFFIC LIGHT Non Reflective Plates

In order to update the firmware please contact, specifying the Part Number of your camera and the version of the firmware currently uploaded on it.