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Smart Speed

The new Smart Speed is an advanced system for speed violations detection.


The application fields of this camera are Instant Speed Enforcement and Average Speed Enforcement.

The Smart Speed is the new user-friendly tool for fighting speeders. It features a light and compact camera that can be easily installed, also in harsh conditions. It doesn’t require heating or cooling. The onboard plate recognition makes Officer’s job easier and faster.

Real time detection of infringements with OCR on board

  • Embedded multi tracking radar
  • No post-processing requested

Detection of vehicles infringing average speed or punctual speed limits

Capability to recognise every plate (not only violators), very useful for security purposes

All transit plates are recorded and available for:

  • Speed enforcement (spot/average)
  • Tax and insurance control
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Traffic monitoring


  • Enforcement
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security