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Legacy Smart Family

Legacy Top range products family with scalable hardware architecture

Introducing our legacy hardware system, exemplifying our tradition of innovative design and engineering.

This modular platform has been designed to accommodate various sensors, meeting the diverse requirements of even the most demanding scenarios.

With a scalable hardware architecture, incorporating different FPGA modules, can enable high-speed image processing even in the most demanding situations.

Legacy Smart family can detect and read non-reflective license plates without the need for external illuminators.

With the continuous evolution of our product line, we wish to inform you of the definitive discontinuation of production of the Tattile legacy Smart family.
Here are listed the final dates for each phase:

  • Last Buy Order Vega Smart: December 31st 2023
  • Venus Software stop new features and improvement development: December 31st 2023
  • Last Shipment Vega Smart: December 31st 2024
  • Venus Software stop maintenance and bug fixing: December 31st 2024
  • Venus Software stop OCR maintenance: December 31st 2031
  • Vega Smart end of Technical Support and Reparation Service: December 31st 2031

The present notification is intended to allow you to arrange any necessary stocks.
Your sales contact is at your complete disposal for any further information and to give you support in the management of this product discontinuation.

Legacy Smart Family products:

  • Smart 2HD
  • Smart Speed
  • Smart Red Traffic Light

Legacy Smart Family main features:

  • Embedded multicore processors
  • LTE and GPS available as optionals
  • SSD from 128GB up to 1TB according to customer needs
  • IP68 protection grade
  • Wide external temperature range (-40°/+ 60°C | -40°/+140°F)

Please contact infomobily@tattile.com to know the availability of the legacy Smart Family products

For more info about the new generation product range, please visit the new Smart+ family pages.