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Low Emission Zone

ANPR cameras for Low Emission Zone/LTZs: immediate set up with plug&play

Which are different types of limited access areas?

LEZ: Low Emission Zone

  • A low emission zone (LEZ) area is a designated geographical area in which certain types of high-polluting vehicles are restricted or prohibited in order to improve air quality and reduce emissions
  • Access to a low emission zone (LEZ) area is typically controlled through the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. These cameras scan the license plates of passing vehicles and compare them to a database of vehicles that meet the emissions requirements for the LEZ. If a vehicle is found to be non-compliant, the driver may be fined or denied entry to the zone.

LTZ: Limited Traffic Zones

  • A limited traffic zone (LTZ) is an area where access by motor vehicles is restricted or completely prohibited, usually to improve safety or reduce congestion in a pedestrianised or historic city center. The access to LTZs is often controlled through the use of physical barriers, bollards, or cameras that enforce the restrictions.

Tattile ANPR system ensures great performances in terms of correct vehicle detection and plate recognition. Thus is fundamental for the city and local administrations to be able to assign/ deny access permits and correctly protect their own environment.

Tattile real time access identification advantages:

  • Plug&Play: implementation and management of Low Emission Zone / LTZs made extremely easy and efficient
  • Non-invasive solution: with the object detector, the identification of vehicle transit does not necessitate any external sensors (no road works necessary for the implementation of the system)
  • OCR on board: no external devices are necessary (PCs or external inspectors)
  • Easy to integrate with external CCTV cameras: communication between the two devices is managed directly by Tattile system. The received context image can be sent directly to a remote FTP server via Ethernet connection


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