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Axle Counter

Integrated axle counting system

Axle counting systems, how do they work?

  • An axle counting system is a method for detecting and counting the number of axles on a wheeled vehicle.
  • Axle counting systems are often used for weighing vehicles, particularly trucks, to ensure they are not overloaded and comply with weight restrictions.
  • Axle counting systems can also be used for traffic monitoring, tolling and management purposes, as they can provide data on vehicle. Axle counting systems are commonly used for tolling on highways and bridges.
  • Different toll rates may be applied depending on the number of axles and the type of vehicle, such as passenger cars, trucks, or buses.

Compact solution for free-flow tolling applications

An axle counting system can help ensure tolls are charged accurately and fairly.
Axle counter free flow systems are often used for high-speed tolling, as they can accurately count axles on vehicles moving at high speeds, allowing for faster and more efficient toll collection.
Tattile Axle Counter is used in electronic toll collection as an axle counting device in free-flow applications.

The main features are:

  • Embedded technology allows precise and modular axle detection and counting for any kind of vehicle
  • Resulting metadata and images are available for tolling applications and tolling enforcement
  • Easy and flexible interfacing with existing devices and triggering sources
  • Easy to integrate with our ANPR cameras to have all information related to the vehicle
  • Axel through his image analysis is able to detect:
    • raised axels
    • twins wheels


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