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Speed Enforcement Cameras

Highest reliability

Speed Enforcement camera, how does it work?

  • Speed enforcement cameras help catch speeding drivers and act as a deterrent. When drivers know they might face consequences for exceeding speed limits, they are more likely to comply with road rules.
  • Vehicle speed detection is achieved by using reliable radar technology that ensures precise measurements. When combined with an ANPR camera, it becomes possible to obtain a complete set of transit data by linking the speed with license plate information, vehicle class, and other relevant vehicle details.
  • The cameras can be used in different scenarios, urban and extra-urban, adapting to different installation layouts and environmental conditions.
  • Speed enforcement cameras are configurable to set different speed limits based on different conditions, like the transit lane or the vehicle class.
  • The speed camera automatically detects all passing vehicles. If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the camera captures images of the violating vehicle, including the license plate and relevant metadata.

Additional Functionalities of Speed Control Camera

  • Highest reliability: the system helped to reduce deadly accidents on monitored roads by up to 50%.
  • Object detector & OCR on board: automatic transit detection up to 320 km/h.
  • Double head ANPR/ALPR system: OCR camera and color context camera. Every single transit is documented in real-time by sending the images registered by the two cameras (BW and Color) and all related textual information (date, hour, license number) to an endpoint through the most common communication protocol.
  • Optional embedded features for the speed control camera include brand, color, class, and model recognition optical classification.
  • The HD streaming video ensures continuous monitoring of the scene.
  • Speed control system can provide not only image and plate recognition of the violator but also all vehicles passing in front of the traffic monitoring camera; this functionality allows traffic and tax authorities to perform additional features such as vehicle insurance control, traffic monitoring, and vehicle tracking. e.g., for security purposes, traffic analysis, traffic flow optimizations, etc…


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