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Parking Enforcement

Automatic Number plate recognition cameras for smart parking enforcement

ANPR cameras for Parking Enforcement, how do they work?

  • Mobile Parking Enforcement is an innovative, technology-driven method that improves the monitoring and management of parked vehicles. This solution was designed to detect parking violations and identify those who do not comply with the parking regulations.
  • Tattile ANPR cameras provide real-time data, ensuring hi-level accuracy. The capturing of images is performed using an ANPR camera, able to read the license plate while in movement on a vehicle.
  • These dedicated cameras capture license plates, dates, times, and metadata. The information is sent to a centralized server, which calculates parking time and detects infractions.

Tattile ANPR mobile camera to monitor parking areas

ANPR Mobile is a high-quality camera that can be mounted on the exterior of a vehicle. It can exchange information with connected devices in real-time via Wi-Fi and read license plates in movement.

Tattile ANPR mobile cameras offer improved accuracy in capturing license plate numbers, increased mobility and flexibility in positioning the camera, and real-time data capture with on board elaboration.

With an ANPR mobile camera mounted on the vehicle, authorities can check several possible parking violations in real-time.

This high-performance approach enables cities, private operators, and agencies to monitor parked cars, verify compliance with parking rates and rules, and issue parking citations using technology-based solutions.

The advantages of the Tattile ANPR Mobile camera are:

  • OCR on board: no need for an external black box for the post-processing to be installed inside the vehicle
  • AP Wi-Fi on board: not necessary to physically connect the camera to the laptop/tablet inside the car
  • Quick installation and easy to move from one car to another
  • Three versions:
    • Short distance, for side reading
    • Medium distance, for parallel reading
    • Long distance, for front reading


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