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Traffic Monitoring Cameras

ANPR solutions for ITS applications

ANPR solutions for traffic big data collection, tolling, enforcement, access control, security and traffic monitoring cameras including plate reading, vehicle identification & classification.
Our traffic monitoring cameras are equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): an AI-based technology capable of reading and recording vehicle license plates without the need for human assistance.

We are specialized in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications.
Our R&D team, composed of more than forty engineers, is able to develop Custom Made ANPR Cameras for our client’s specific needs.

One step forward

  • Embedded Technology: OCR and image processing are directly performed in the ANPR Camera (no need for extra PCs or software licenses)
  • Multicore Processor
  • Multi transit/second management capability

Optional Features

  • Two on-board Licence plate recognition SW
  • Embedded brand and color recognition
  • Embedded optical vehicles classification
  • HD video streaming
  • Auto trigger

Add-on Software

Tattile’s add-on software libraries allow trasforming a simple ANPR camera into a big data collector, providing a wide range of information for different purposes such as security, traffic analysis, smart cities, data classification, pollution estimation and traffic statistics.

Benefit and advantages of using traffic monitoring cameras

Using Tattile Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras, you can provide a highly accurate automated reading of vehicles’ plates, limit human manual review and automate the processing of tasks. Traffic monitoring cameras can be used for many purposes: tracking the movement of criminals (as a crime deterrent), preventing dangerous situations, collecting data for activities like vehicle insurance control, vehicle tracking, traffic analysis, etc.


Tattile develops and produces dedicated technologies for the Railway market focused on video analytics solution, on-board networking and TFT panels. Ethernet-based communication, PoE solutions where suitable, integrated intelligence, self-diagnostics to achieve higher performances and more reliable solutions.

These are Tattile’s main technologies to assure modularity, flexibility, scalability and redundancy of all its product range