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Smart+ Speed

The most powerful SPEED measurement Smart Camera.


The application fields of this camera are Instant Speed Enforcement and Average Speed Enforcement.

Smart+ Speed is the new enforcement camera designed to revolutionize road safety by accurately detecting and penalizing speeding violations.

With its top algorithms and on-edge processing power, this AI camera takes enforcement and security to a whole new level, setting new industry standards for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Powerful on-edge AI camera designed for Speed measurement

Smart+ Speed camera – an on-edge AI camera that is specifically designed for speed measurement. This powerful camera is Powered by the Stark Neural plate & vehicle detector algorithm, Smart+ Speed swiftly and accurately identifies various vehicle types, from cars to trucks and motorcycles.

A new and innovative feature of the Smart+ Speed camera is its advanced plug&play POE Radar connection, which is fully adjustable. This allows for versatile deployment scenarios, as the camera can be installed at different angles to adapt to different installation layouts.

Smart+ Speed can cover up to 3 lanes in front and rear reading installations, managing vehicles in the same and opposite directions. Smart+ Speed offers excellent installation flexibility.

All transit plates are detected and available for:

  • Speed enforcement (spot/average)
  • Tax and insurance control
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Traffic monitoring


  • Enforcement
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security