Traffic Monitoring Camera 

ANPR solutions for ITS applications

Project Reference List
ANPR solutions for collection of traffic big data in urban and extra-urban areas for tolling,  security and traffic management including plate reading, classification, vehicle identification.
Our traffic monitoring cameras are equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): an AI-based technology capable to read and record vehicle license plates without need of human assistance.

We are specialized in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications.
Tattile offers a range of smart cameras created specifically for Tolling, speed enforcement, red light enforcement, traffic tracking, access control, and tunnel safety.
Our team, formed by more than thirty engineers, is able to develop Custom Made ANPR Cameras for our clients’ specific needs.

One step forward

  • Embedded Technology: OCR and image processing are embedded in the ANPR Camera (no need of extra PCs or software licenses)
  • Multicore Processor
  • Multi transit/second management capability

Optional Features:
• Two on-board Licence plate recognition sw
• Embedded brand and color recognition
• Embedded optical vehicles classification
• HD video streaming
• Auto trigger

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Tattile develops and produces dedicated technologies for the Railway market focused on video analytics solution, on-board networking and TFT panels. Ethernet-based communication, PoE solutions where suitable, integrated intelligence, self-diagnostics to achieve higher performances and more reliable solutions.

These are Tattile’s main technologies to assure modularity, flexibility, scalability and redundancy of all its product range

PIS   |   PAS   |   CCTV   |   LAN Network

Machine Vision

We provide Machine Vision solutions for inspections, measurements, verifications,  recognition, process control and analysis of color, shape, texture with a special focalization on the Sorting and Packaging Industry.

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The cooperation with our sister companies Chromasens GMbH (part of TKH Group) allows a combined solution for high hand applications in the Sort & Pack industry.

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