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Inside Inspection

Deep inside analysis above expectations

Vehicle inside inspection, how does it works?

  • In traffic application, a vehicle inside inspection can be useful for several purposes:
    • Safety
    • Enforcement
    • Ride-sharing inspections
  • Overall, a vehicle inside inspection can be an important tool for traffic authorities in promoting safety and enforcing regulations related to the use of vehicles on public roads.
  • For example Vehicle occupancy enforcement refers to the practice of enforcing laws and regulations that require vehicles to have a minimum number of occupants in order to use certain lanes or roads.
  • Overall, vehicle occupancy enforcement can be an effective tool for reducing traffic congestion, promoting environmental sustainability, and encouraging the use of shared transportation modes.

Inside Inspection solution provides vehicle frontal occupants detection and counting.​

  • AI algorithm for best performance in detection and recognition of vehicle occupancy
  • On-edge front vehicle seat occupancy detection
  • Optional on-edge face detection
  • Seat belt and phone use identification for front occupants
  • Identification of all passing vehicles without an external trigger
  • API REST and standard interfacing provides easy integration and fast deploy
  • Fully customizable message format and protocol
  • Optional triggered operating mode




  • High occupancy vehicle tolling enforcement
  • Seat belt and phone use enforcement
  • Statistical data collection for safe driving behavior
  • Security