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Basic MK2

Basic MK2 the new compact AI camera


Mainly targeted to stop & go tolling, parking and access control systems, with a maximum input power of 25W, the Basic line features a Power-over-Ethernet (POE+) interface for minimizing the installation and maintenance time.

The processing capacity of the new CPU makes BasicMK2 four times faster than the previous Vega Basic

Equipped with the innovative AI Vehicle and Plate detector

The new Basic MK2 is compatible with STARK, the new software designed and developed by Tattile.

Stand alone: thanks to local buffering of information, the system is able to function also in case of interruptions in the data connection.

Extra compact size to reduce the installation impact.



  • Stop & Go tolling
  • Parking
  • Access control
  • Urban road tracking
  • Congestion charge
  • Access control to limited traffic areas
  • POE+ allows a single-wire connection
  • Vandal-proof connectors
  • Available in BW and Color version
  • Extremely compact to reduce installation impact

The Basic Short Range

can read up to 8 meters far

The Basic Long Range

can read up to 25 meters far