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AIArtificial Intelligence
AID Automatic Incident Detection
ALPRAutomatic License Plate Recognition
ALPR SYSTEMAutomatic License Plate Recognition System
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
ANPR CameraAutomatic Number Plate Recognition Camera
ALPR CamerasAutomatic License Plate Recognition Cameras
ANPR SoftwareAutomatic Number Plate Recognition Software
Automatic Number Plate Recognition SystemA technology that reads and records car number plates, so that vehicles can be checked to see if they have been stolen, belong to people involved in criminal activities, have been parked illegally, etc.
LPR CAMERALicense Plate Recognition Camera
Axle CounterAxle Counter is used in electronic toll collection as axle counting device in free flow application
BCCMBrand Color Class & Model
BWBlack & White
CCTVClosed-Circuit Television – a system that sends television signals to a limited number of screens, and is often used in shops and public places to prevent crime
Cameras on Top of Traffic-lightTraffic monitoring cameras typically sit on top of traffic lights and monitoring traffic flows through an intersection
CPU Central Processing Unit
ETC Automatic toll collection designed to drastically reduce the time needed to pay tolls, in fact it is no longer based on the direct payment by the driver but on electonic payment generated by the recognition of the vehicle
FPSFrames Per Second
FOVField Of View
Free-Flow Tolling The collection of tolls on toll roads without the use of toll booths
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
GBGiga Byte
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HDHigh Definition
IPInternet Protocol
ITSIntelligent Transportation System
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LEZLow-Emission Zone – is a defined area where access by some polluting vehicles is restricted or deterred with the aim of improving the air quality
LPRLicense Plate Reader
LPRSLicense Plate Recognition System
LTZLimited Traffic Zone
MODBUSSerial communication protocol
MPXMega Pixel
NASPNational ANPR Standards for Policing
NPNetwork Protocol
NRDNumber Plate Reading Device
NTCIPNational Transportation Communications for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Protocol
OCROptical Character Recognition
ONVIFONVIF is an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces
for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.
OZOptical Zoom
Plate PatchAn image showing the number plate only
RFIDRadio-frequency identification
SDKSoftware Development Kit
Smart CameraIs an embedded machine vision system which, in addition to image capture circuitry, is capable of extracting application-specific information by built-in capability of processing the captured images, along with generating event descriptions or making decisions that are used in an intelligent and automated system. The Smart camera is capable of uploading and sharing processing results and images via built-in network connection.
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
Speed Control Camera Camera recording a vehicle’s speed using radar or other instrumentation and taking a photograph of the vehicle when it exceeds a threshold limit
Stop & Go TollingIt’s a method of toll collecting with the direct payment by the driver of the vehicle at the time of passage. The Stop&go tolling requires the vehicle to stop and pay the toll, this increases costs for operating the toll booths and increased road congestion
TASTraffic Analysis Systems
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
Traffic Enforcement CameraThe Traffic Enforcement Camera program automatically enforces traffic violations such as speeding and crossing red lights, with the goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents and resulting casualties
TMSTraffic Monitoring System
Traffic Monitoring CameraCameras monitoring traffic flows, speeds and classifications on all lanes and turns of the intersections in real time and also create automatic traffic reports for traffic planners and consultants for later analysis
UTMCUrban Traffic Management and Control
Vehicle Access Control SystemThe system provides authorised and controlled access through automated barriers, roller doors, shutters and gates.
VMSVideo Management System
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
ZEZZero-Emission Zone – is a LEZ where only zero-emission vehicles are allowed