Project Description

traffic software

Add-On Software

Tattile’s add-on software libraries allow to transform simple ANPR (ALPR) camera in big data collector, providing a wide range of information for different purposes such as security, traffic analysis, smart cities, data classification, pollution estimation and traffic statistics.

All add-on software can be uploaded even if the camera is already installed.

  • BCCM – Brand, Class, Color and Model recognition based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • Rigel – Traffic analysis and incident detection based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • Inspector – Traffic data management system

BCCM / Brand, Class, Color and Model recognition

Vehicle Brand, Class, Color and Model recognition algorithm, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), running inside the camera.

License plate, BCCM create the so called vehicle «fingerprint» in a single report with evident advantages as all information are provided by a single source,  with no extra costs for external software, processing server and integration time.


Rigel / Traffic Monitoring & Incident Detection

Rigel plugin is an extension suitable for Tattile’s double head ANPR (ALPR) cameras; It enables the traffic analysis features providing an all-in-one solution for both reading plates and traffic monitoring.

Rigel system is a real time traffic analyzer, totally based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms,  able to manage alarms and notification; reporting plate numbers and a number of traffic events directly to the aggregating software running on remote server.

The aggregating software works as a forwarder of all the collected events to all 3rd party systems like VMS or SCADA platforms, supporting standard protocols; the integration with the most commonly used video management systems and alerting systems allows the control room to have a quick overview of all traffic events and take actions accordingly.

The software is able to work in different scenarios, either in approaching and receding traffic, day and night and on multiple lanes.

Available analysis:

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Slowdown and queue
  • Wrong way
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Smoke, low visibility
  • Lost cargo
  • Traffic density
  • Vehicle counting

Inspector / Traffic Data Manager

Inspector is a scalable platform able to centralize the data acquired from different cameras distributed on the field.

The system is scalable and extensible to perform average speed enforcement control, security applications, traffic statistics and access control.

Inspector can analyze collected data according to configurable rules and undertake a number of actions based on the results: opening gates, sending emails, posting messages on variable message panels.

Inspector generates reliable reports; various research queries can be done.

Inspector does not need to be installed on client machines, the SW can easily be accessed with any browser; the multiuser software manages multiple connections and queries at the same time.

Safe login to the system using credentials (username and password), leaving the Possibility to set up different user profiles.

Possibility to embed the software in the user’s apps (or third parties) thanks to Web Service calls.