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Free-Flow tolling system

Free-Flow Tattile: the new frontier in ANPR

Free-Flow tolling, how does it work?

  • In MLFF, vehicles can pass through the tolling point (e.g. on highways or bridges ) without stopping or slowing down, and tolls are collected electronically using license plate recognition systems. This solution allows for a more efficient and faster tolling process. It reduces traffic congestion and improves safety and convenience for drivers.
  • Free-Flow tolling system grants toll collection without the need of toll booths. It allows to travel without ever finding barriers that usually cause queues, and the drivers can save travel time and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and air pollution.
  • Free-Flow tolling system is a completely automated ANPR/ALPR solution used extensively in electronic tolling collection and in monitoring transit on expressways.

The Tattile smart ALPR cameras installed on gantries detect license plate numbers of vehicles in transit under these structures. The data recorded are then transmitted to a central system for processing to identify the vehicle owner and assign the related toll fare.

In Free-Flow tolling is fundamental to have a high accuracy in detecting and recognising vehicles to avoid loss of money for the road owner. The Tattile ANPR cameras can guarantee high performance in different conditions.

Tattile Free flow tolling cameras: features and functionality

  • Internal Object detector: automatic working mode for the recognition of transiting vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 320 km/h (198 mph)
  • All-in-one technology: all necessary equipment embedded in the camera
  • Double Head system: OCR camera and CTX color context camera
  • OCR performance: 99,9% detection  and 99,5% accuracy
  • High-quality sensor: with a resolution of up to 8 megapixels on the OCR channel. This advanced feature guarantees high image quality and extends coverage to two lanes with overlap for accurate data capture.
  • Easy data reconciliation. REST API interface facilitates easy integration and connectivity with external devices such as laser scanners, radar systems, loops, RFID antennas, and vehicle axle information


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