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Stark Platform

Modular architecture for demanding AI applications


The Standard Tattile Architecture (Stark) is an application framework layer common to all new generation Tattile cameras.

Stark is the game-changer software platform for the new generation of Tattile’s  ANPR cameras

  • It is common to the whole Tattile’s camera range, allowing significant efficiencies at the integration and training levels.
  • Stark is developed with a big focus on cybersecurity, using the DevSecOps Methodology, combining Software Development, Cybersecurity and Operations, making products Inherently safe and conform to IEC62443 standards.
  • It’s modular software structure allows for rapid development and easy integration of new features and edge algorithms, making it a flexible and scalable solution. With Stark, Tattile cameras can be easily customized to meet specific user requirements and new capabilities can be seamlessly added as needed.
  • With a totally configurable event/action chain, Stark manages the most common data format and communication protocol. Is it possible to send different file formats (e.g., JPG, XML, JSON, …) through the most common communication protocol (e.g., HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP, …).
  • The new filtering options allow the events only in defined conditions. For example, to detect vehicles in the wrong way, vehicles with dangerous goods, and generate an event related to a match with a list. It is the first software platform secure by design, expressly conceived to resist the harshest cyber attack.
  • Our innovative cameras, powered by Stark, have revolutionized the way we detect and analyze vehicle behaviour within designated areas. With unparalleled accuracy, we can monitor transit, stop times, yellow box violations, and turn detection, providing us with invaluable insights and opportunities for improving road safety.


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  • Responsive interface
  • Quick configuration wizard
  • Scalable to every hardware size
  • Configuration self-check and diagnostic report
  • Fully configurable
  • Multilanguage interface
  • Software components cybersecure by design
  • High privacy level on the exchanged data
Easily configure the network settings and point the camera with a quick setup.
Stark cameras work with different transit generation methods, including the new fusion mode.
The data from the camera can be sent out using the most common communication protocol in three simple steps.
The camera documentation is embedded in the Stark interface. The documentation is always updated with the camera firmware version.
Easy pointing procedure, with reference line in the camera live view.
Direct configuration of lanes and region of interest (ROI)