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Inspector software, How does it works?

  • Inspector is a solution of reading and recognition of car license plates, with purpose of automatic vehicle signalling research and analysis of traffic flow.
  • Inspector is a scalable platform able to centralize the data acquired from different cameras distributed on the field.
  • The system is scalable and extensible to provide transit data analysis platform for security applications, traffic statistics, and access control.
  • Inspector can analyse collected data according to configurable rules and undertake a number of actions based on the results: opening gates, sending emails, posting messages on variable message panels.
  • Inspector generates detailed reports based on multiple filters and search criteria.
  • Inspector does not need to be installed on client machines, the SW can easily be accessed with any browser; the multi-user software manages multiple connections and queries at the same time.
  • Safe login to the system using credentials (username and password), leaving the Possibility to set up different user profiles.
  • Possibility to embed the software in the user’s apps (or third parties) thanks to Web Service calls.




  • Reported vehicles control with configurable local or remote database
  • Origin-destination matrix
  • Geo-referenced map with devices and vehicles movement
  • Customizable traffic statistics reports, alerts and visualization
  • Dangerous goods tracking
  • Access control