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PIS – Passenger Information systems

Tattile has been providing Passenger Information System solutions for the railway sector since 2005.

Our products follow the latest technology trend incorporating new market needs, unlocking the possibilities made available by technological evolution, but preserving backward compatibility with legacy products.

Our Passenger Information System offer includes the possibility to integrate our existing products with third-party systems or to develop custom railway devices and applications.

The devices are specifically designed for the railway market (EN50155) to be compliant with the TSI standard for on-board displays interoperability, to show Route Information to passengers or to be used as simple Infotainment display providing informational and promotional content.

Currently our Passenger Information system portfolio is based only on IP solutions and is composed of:

  • New!!! Intel powered Panel PC / 18” TFT based on Linux OS
  • New!!! Intel powered Panel PC / 29” Stretch TFT based on Linux OS: different sizes 15-42” can be provided upon request
  • Programmable LED Matrix Panel: different pixel combinations available
  • New!!! Seat Reservation Mini Display: usually installed in the train luggage rack
  • Rack Mountable Content Management System: on-board PC with a storage unit, used for Maps and Advertisements
  • Content Management Software: tool used to configure media content along a Route
  • New!!! Maps & Navigation Software: software to generate maps and show train position
  • Services of software integration to 3rd party systems
  • Driver Human Machine Interface: touchscreen monitor used as interface for the Driver to monitor the train and select a route

Reference Products: