The complete vehicle identification

Brand, color, class and model identification, how does it works?

  • Vehicle brand and color identification can be helpful in identifying specific types of vehicles, which can be important for various purposes such as law enforcement, traffic management, and market research
  • With the BCCM software, embedded in our road security cameras, the traffic monitoring system can compare in real-time the license plate of a vehicle with its correspondent brand, colour, class and model to verify if there are any inconsistencies.
  • Owning details regarding vehicle profiling (BRAND/ COLOR/ CLASS and MODEL), enables the customer to put in place various actions depending on the application. (e.g. Specific marketing actions, Business Intelligence Analysis, Statistical Analysis that can be used by Real Estate companies to analyze investments)

Tattile BCCM algorithm features:

  • On-edge vehicle Brand, Class, Color, and Model recognition algorithm
  • Optional add-on for Tattile cameras with no need for external software or processing hardware
  • No integration efforts
  • License plate, brand, class, color, and model create the so-called vehicle fingerprint in a single report
  • The camera provides all the vehicle data in a fully customizable message format and protocol
  • Vehicle classification in multiple vehicle classes is operative during the day and optionally during the night
  • Hundreds of brands and more than a thousand models provide detailed and reliable vehicle information




  • Security and vehicle investigation
  • Crime enforcement
  • Reported vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle fingerprinting for tolling
  • Smart city vehicle classification
  • Reserved lane enforcement