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The antiglare avoid that sunrays enter in the camera optics.

Left\Right Flange
Not removable closing flange.
Remove it invalidate the warranty.

OCR Camera
OCR optic is the one in charge to read the plates.
The acquired image is used by the system to analyze the plate and return the processed data.
It is a black and white camera.
Is possible, to use the camera at different best focus distances.

CTX Camera
CTX (Context) optic is the one in charge to show the overview image of the area where the camera is pointed.
It is a colored camera.
Is possible, to use the camera at different best focus distances.

Illuminator made by 12 high power led.
The standard solution uses IR light because it is not visible, and it is reflected by the license plates.
In this way camera is able to better recognize license plates.

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