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ANPR Mobile

The smartest solution for crime prevention

ANPR mobile camera, which are the main applications?

An ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera on board of a vehicle is a device that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read and capture license plate numbers. The camera is typically mounted on the exterior of the vehicle.
Some benefits of using ANPR cameras on board of vehicles include improved accuracy in capturing license plate numbers, increased mobility and flexibility in terms of where the camera can be positioned, and the ability to quickly and efficiently capture data in real-time.

With an ANPR camera mounted on the vehicle, police forces can check several possible violations in real-time.

The ANPR device is installed on the roof of police patrol cars and connected to a tablet computer.

Tattile ANPR Mobile is the camera mounted on cars. It is an All on Board system designed to read license plates in movement.

Thanks to its unique features, it is offered as an aid to Police Forces to carry out check-ups and prevent crime.

Tattile ANPR Mobile is the intelligent solution conceived to prevent crime and enforce the law, offered as an aid to Police Forces. It can have multiple functions:

  • Mobile parking enforcement
  • Tracking & Security (patrolling/stolen vehicles)

ANPR Mobile camera advantages:

  • OCR on board: no need of an external black box for the post processing to be installed inside the trunk
  • AP Wi-Fi on board: not necessary to connect physically the camera to the laptop/tablet inside the car
  • Quick installation and easy to move from one car to another
  • Two versions:
    • Short distance, for side reading
    • Long distance, for front reading


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