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Unveiling Innovation: Tattile Highlights from Intertraffic 2024 Amsterdam 

Over four days, Intertraffic Amsterdam brought together the finest innovators, professionals, and enthusiasts in the ITS sector for an exceptional experience. With 900 exhibitors from 140 countries, the event proved to be a gathering point to discuss the latest trends, share knowledge, and forge meaningful connections. 

Tattile showcased its latest products at Intertraffic 2024 Amsterdam, which garnered attention from the international audience. With the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence-based applications in the ITS industry, the demand for enhanced technology and performance is also rising. In response, Tattile has introduced a range of innovative products that embody their new pay-off, Hi-Performance Mobility Solution. 

Tattile’s cameras boast perfect integration between their hardware and software. The hardware architecture is optimized for software performance, which is developed to exploit the hardware architecture to its fullest potential.  

Tattile uses artificial intelligence algorithms along with neural accelerators to enhance its capabilities. Our cameras employ advanced neural network algorithms and hardware neural accelerators to achieve a detection rate of up to 99.9 percent. This technology is particularly effective in high-demand applications and complex scenarios like MLFF tolling. As a result, infrastructure simplification is possible as the need for external triggers is eliminated. 

At Intertraffic, Tattile introduced: the new Smart+ family, which includes: 

  • Tolling+ camera designed with two neural accelerators, specifically for high-performance MLFF applications. 
  • Smart+ camera features sensors up to 8Mpx to cover up to three lanes in several applications. 
  • Smart+ Speed camera can cover up to three lanes in speed detection applications.  
  • Smart+ Traffic Light cameras manage traffic light violations in complex scenarios with advanced analysis capabilities. 

Completing the Tattile product range is the Vega line, which includes:  

  • Vega53 the new camera designed to be suitable for various applications, from free flow tolling to traffic safety and monitoring. 
  • Axle Counter camera capable of counting vehicle axles, through video analysis.  

In addition to the new camera range, at Intertraffic 2024, Tattile launches the new revolutionary Stark OCR-USA. The new Stark OCR-USA is 100% embedded, which means all the processing is done onboard the camera, improving efficiency and reducing the infrastructure needed. 

With a certified reading accuracy of 94.6%, the Stark OCR-USA provides a high level of reliability, ensuring that captured data is accurate and ready to be exported. 

As an innovative company, Tattile is always looking towards the future. Our innovation room has received great feedback from our essential customers, fueling our excitement for the future. 

In the 2024 edition, Tattile confirms its position as an innovative company capable of anticipating customers’ needs and asserting its leadership in the ITS market.