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Tattile presents its new pay-off

Three clear trends pervade the ITS industry: an increasing sensibility toward sustainability and green and environment-friendly technology. On the other hand, the ITS industry is oriented to achieve higher efficiency in daily operations, directly impacting the environment and reducing pollution.

Finally, the ITS industry is becoming more demanding daily regarding technology and on-field performances, especially after the rapid diffusion of AI-based applications. Tattile, being a relevant trendsetter in the ITS industry, feels a strong responsibility to lead these market trends successfully and concretely.

We are pleased to present our new Pay Off: “Hi-Performance Mobility Solution.” Tattile’s strategy team chose this claim to align with ITS trends.


· The Perfect integration of Hardware and Software. Hardware architecture is designed to maximize software performance. Software is developed to exploit the hardware architecture at its highest potential.

· “Top-level performance in cutting-edge applications like MLFF.” This application prioritizes performance, enabling a more efficient tolling process and reducing traffic congestion and pollution. “Tattile confirms its leading position in applications where performance is a key factor.”.

· The use of AI algorithms in conjunction with neural accelerators. The neural network algorithms in Tattile’s camera use a hardware neural accelerator to achieve a detection rate performance of up to 99.9%.

· Reducing infrastructure with top-performance cameras, excluding the need for external triggers and covering 2 lanes in high-level and complex applications.

In Tattile, the pay-off “Hi-Performance” extends beyond hardware and software domains; it is also integral to the organization.

– Technical support 360° with different company roles, such as Business Developer, PM, FAE, and academy team working together.

– Quality operations standard, with a product defective rate of < 0.1%

Tattile is an innovative company that anticipates customer needs and confirms its leadership in the next generation of Mobility Solutions.

We look forward to seeing you at Intertraffic Amsterdam from April 16-19, 2024 – Booth 01- 436.