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What is a parking access control system?

USE of LPR for Access control

Having an ANPR camera deployed at the entry and exit of a Parking/Garage/Airport Area can enable the parking manager to put in place an automatic parking access control system. It can regularly generate, in real-time, the list of all the vehicles present in the parking area, making matches between cars entering and exiting, enabling to extrapolate the data related to how many lots are still available into the parking.

If there is a rule related to a maximum time of presence of the vehicle in the parking area (i.e. 3 hours), the Backoffice system can normally perform a verification comparing the Licence plate recorded by the smart traffic cameras with the detail about the time of access and the current time and make the calculation. If enabled at the Backoffice level, it can send an automatic notification that the time is going to expire.

If a parking access control system is equipped with a payment method and ALPR cameras for access management, it is possible to enter all the data related to the license plate of a transiting vehicle into the Backoffice system, which will also be updated with the data related to a payment performed with Parking Apps. Once the time paid for is exceeded, an automatic notification can be sent to notify the occurrence.

What type of database matching lists can manage tattile’s anpr cameras?

Tattile’s ANPR cameras can manage both onboard and external database matching lists:

  • You can select a list of vehicles to temporary access a specific parking lot (i.e. Visitors)
  • You can enable only employees to access the building garage
  • You can prevent reported vehicles to access the building

Matching Lists are updated in real-time.

Thanks to the possibility to manage relay output, Tattile’s ALPR cameras can open a boom automatically upon specific recognition of a plate as part of an authorized matching list (Type A/Type B).


How does the access control parking system work?

Barrierless Parking: The smart camera can detect the presence of a vehicle and generate a transit containing all the METADATA related to the vehicle, including LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, DATE, TIME, BRAND, CLASS, COLOR, MODEL, APPROACHING/ RECEDING/ ESTIMATED OPTICAL SPEED /etc.

  • There is no need for barriers or optical loops to trigger the camera
  • It is an easy system to be installed
  • Transits are processed extremely fast (< 200 m/s)
  • There is less queue and waiting time for customers

Customer Profiling: Owning details regarding vehicle profiling (BRAND/ COLOR/ CLASS and MODEL), enables the customer to put in place:

  • Specific marketing actions (i.e. Targeted Advertising)
  • Valet Service
  • VIP Parking
  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis that can be used by Real Estate companies to analyze investments (Are more parking lots needed? Should we design an area dedicated to Electric Vehicles?
    Should we expand our offer of High-Level Brands? Most of the customers are here at dinner time, should we add a restaurant?)

Security: Being in possession of details regarding Vehicle license plate number and profile (BRAND/ COLOR/ CLASS and MODEL), enables the parking manager to put in place security actions:

  • Check if the plate that accessed the parking lot also exited
  • Check if there are cases of plate replacement (a plate only entered a parking lot and did not exit, but it was a WHITE CHEVROLET HYBRID and there is only another WHITE CHEVROLET HYBRID that exited the area that specific day, but with a different plate!) 24/7 Full HD Streaming for security purposes

Which ANPR cameras are used for the parking control system?


Why choose Tattile ANPR cameras?

Our ANPR cameras can enable the user to put in place a completely automated system that allows maximising efficiency, to reduce costs and increase security. We’re a young and dynamic management team, completely dedicated to identifying the best solution to satisfy our clients’ needs: Sales Team, Project Managers, Field Application Engineers, R&D and Operation are all in a unique headquarter. This allows Tattile to continuously provide maximum customer support, with very short reaction times.

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