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Speed Control Camera

Traffic Speed Control Camera: everything you need to know

What is a speed control camera?

A Speed control Camera records the vehicle’s speed and it is used for enforcement purposes.

How does it work?

The Tattile Smart Speed system works with a multi-tracking radar that continuously monitors up to two traffic lanes at a maximum width of 7.5 meters and identifies the rate and position of objects on the monitored area at a speed of up to 250 km/h.

Speed Control Camera

What happens if a vehicle violates the speed limit?

If a vehicle violates the speed limit where a speed detection camera is working, the embedded radar triggers the connected traffic speed camera. So, the speed enforcement camera takes a picture of the vehicle and its license plate. All relevant information, namely date and hour, plate number and country, as well as the actual speed-driven, is then analysed. These data can also be supplemented with a monochrome picture of the license plate and a monochrome or colour context image of the vehicle. Subsequently, the embedded automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) does not require any time-consuming post-processing, and all-speed violation evidence can directly be addressed to the authorities in real-time or stored onboard.

Speed Control Camera

What are the additional functionalities which can perform a traffic speed control camera?

The Speed Enforcement camera system can provide not only image and plates recognition of the violator but also of all vehicles passing in front of the traffic monitoring camera even with green light; this functionality allows traffic and tax authorities to perform additional features such as vehicle insurance control, traffic monitoring and vehicle tracking. e.g. for security purposes.

Additionally, the transit data, collected by the traffic speed control camera, can also be used for:

  • traffic analysis
  • traffic flow optimizations

Optional embedded features for the speed control camera include:

  • brand, colour, class and model recognition
  • optical classification.

Furthermore, an HD streaming video ensures continuous monitoring of the scene. Especially for inner-city applications, the Tattile Smart Speed system can be matched with the Tattile Vega Smart  Red Traffic Light system for combined speed and red-light violation enforcement.

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