ANPR cameras mounted on a vehicle


With an ANPR camera mounted on the vehicle, police forces can check several possible violations in real-time. The ANPR device is installed on the roof of police patrol cars and connected to a tablet computer. 

Which Tattile ANPR camera is mounted on vehicles?

Tattile ANPR Mobile is the camera mounted on cars. It is an All on Board system designed to read license plates in movement. Thanks to its unique features, it is offered as an aid to Police Forces to carry out check-ups and prevent crime.

ANPR Mobile is a latest-generation license plate reader system with MP sensors that can scan up to 60 license plates per second, front and rear, in any light conditions. It is part of the Tattile ANPR/ALPR devices, which combine multiple components in a compact solution, such as sensor, infrared illuminator, and processor with integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read automatically license plates.


Which are the functions of ANPR cameras mounted on a vehicle?

Tattile ANPR Mobile is the intelligent solution conceived to prevent crime and enforce the law, offered as an aid to Police Forces. It can have multiple functions:

Mobile Parking Enforcement

The registered data of date, time, license plate and paid parking time are sent to a centralised server. This external database exchanges information through a Wi-Fi connection in real-time with connected mobile parking enforcement devices, typically tablets, which are carried in police cars and connected to a mobile ANPR camera. Suppose a parked vehicle exceeds the payment time. In that case, an alarm is triggered on the tablet, and the traffic warden can specifically search in the parking area with the ANPR system for the violating license plate and issue a fine. 



Tracking & Security (patrolling/stolen vehicles)

This evolved and modern license plate reading system, installed on specialised operational departments and intelligence services cars, can be used to support surveillance and protection. With the ANPR mobile camera system installed, police forces can check the validity of vehicle insurance, the presence of a valid vehicle inspection report, but also criminal offences, including stolen vehicles or duplicated number plates.

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