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How does ANPR works in car parks?

ANPR cameras installed at the entrance and exit of a car park detect and read the license plate passing in front of them. It generates a transit containing all the metadata related to the vehicle, including plate, date, time, brand, class, color & model, direction approaching or receding, estimated optical speed, etc.

What are the benefits of using an ANPR parking system?

An ANPR parking management system can be helpful for many purposes; the main benefits are saving time, automatizing processes, and minimizing human effort.

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Why use an ANPR parking management system?

The use of an ANPR parking system can have different purposes, according to the primary goal of the parking manager. In general, the main functions of ANPR cameras in parking systems are the following:

  • Automatic barrier
    With Tattile cameras installed in the parking access points, you can have the automatic opening of the barrier for authorized plates: the camera detects the license plate and matches it with a checklist.
  • Security
    Owning details regarding vehicle plate and profile (Brand, Color, Class & Model) enables the customer to put in place security actions:
    – Check if the vehicle that entered the parking lot has also exited
    – Check the presence of plate replacement cases. The camera can verify if a vehicle entered the parking lot and did not exit, but instead came out with another license plate.
    – 24/7 Full HD Streaming for security purposes 
  • Parking lots availability
    You can have an automatic system that regularly sends the list of all vehicles present, in real-time, in the parking area. This could be done by making a regular match between vehicles entering and exiting the car park, enabling extrapolating the data related to how many lots are still available.
  • Time and payment check
    In parking, where there’s a rule related to the maximum time of vehicle presence in the area or with payment systems (or both), you can use ALPR cameras for access control system. The Backoffice System can regularly check the license plate recorded with the details about time and/or payment and take actions based on this information.
  • Customer profiling
    Having details regarding vehicle profiling (BCCM – Brand, Color, Class & Model) enables the customer to put in place:
    – Specific marketing actions (i.e., Targeted Advertising)
    – Valet Service
    – VIP Parking
    – Business Intelligence Analysis
    – Statistical Analysis


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