ANPR Barrier Control Camera


There are a lot of car parks with a high volume of traffic entering and exiting, for example, in medium/big companies, shopping centres, airports, parking garages, etc. ANPR cameras are a perfect solution to manage the traffic in these areas: by deploying different functions, automatic number plate recognition cameras installed for barrier control systems can create a controlled, ordered, and secure parking environment.

How does ANPR for barriers work?

The ANPR barrier control system is composed of ANPR Cameras installed at the entrance and exit of a car park to detect and read the license plate passing in front of them. It generates a transit containing all the metadata related to the vehicle, including plate, date, time, brand, class, colour & model, direction approaching or receding, estimated optical speed, etc.

ANPR Barrier Control System

What are the benefits of ANPR for barriers?

The ANPR barrier control system can have multiple benefits:

  • Have the automatic opening of the barrier for authorized plates: the traffic camera detects the license plate and matches it with a checklist.
  • Check if the vehicle that entered the parking lot has also exited
  • Check the presence of plate replacement cases.
  • 24/7 Full HD Streaming for security purposes
  • Check in real-time the parking lot availability
  • Check time and payments
  • Create customers profiling (for specific marketing actions, Valet Service, VIP Parking, Business Intelligence Analysis, Statistical Analysis)

Why choose the Tattile ANPR barrier control system?

Tattile solutions enable the user to have an automated parking access control system entirely built on its requirements. Our ANPR cameras allow customers to maximise efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security. For more information, contact us.

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