Project Description


Axle Counter

The Axle Counter is a compact axle recognition and counting system based on deep learning (AI)


Targeted to free flow tolling applications.

Its advanced embedded processing capability, based on AI, allows to detect and count vehicles’ axles, at any time of the day and of the night.

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm the system generate the reconstructed image of the vehicle for visual confirmation, together with the configurable set of metadata.

Easy to install

Its local storage capability allows operating stand-alone in case connectivity is not available.

The Axle Counter system is easy to install and to integrate with external illuminators and triggering sources, simplifying the installation impact and giving high flexibility.

Security & Design

• Water-proof protection IP67
• Vandal proof connectors
• Axle Counter features a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) interface for minimizing the installation and maintenance time



  • Day_5axles1
  • Day_5axles2
  • Day_3axles
  • Day_3axles2
  • Day_2axles3
  • Day_2axles2
  • Night_5axles4
  • Night_5axles3
  • Night_4axles1
  • Night_3axles-3
  • Night_2axles1
  • Night_2axles4


Information Request

The Axle Counter system offers the capability to detect and to count the number of vehicles’ axles on a free flow application. Thanks to its installation layout, the Axle Counter is modular and replicable on multiple lanes. The Linux-based camera captures images with high frame rate and process them with its internal deep learning algorithms (AI)  trained over a very large number of images and continuously increasing to provide high performances in a compact processing device.

Thanks to the external infrared illuminator at wavelength of 850nm, the Axle Counter captures clear and detailed images in any weather condition and during the night, without interfering with vehicle drivers. Furthermore, the camera controls the illuminator optimizing the image quality and the overall results.

The Axle Counter gantry installation is made easy thanks to the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) interface that provides a single cable connection to the camera for power and data transfer.

Additionally, for optimal performances the Axle Counter is triggered by different triggering sources, allowing flexible interfacing with existing devices and perfect integration with Tattile ANPR (ALPR) devices.

The Axle Counter provides the resulting metadata together with the reconstructed image of the vehicle, giving evidence of the transit to the tolling operators.


Software features and performances
Processed Lana1
Max Vehicle Speed Up to 250km/h - 155mph
Installation height 7m (typical) - 23ft
Detection accuracy99%
Managed vehiclesUp to 2400 v/hour
Axles counting accuracy>95% over 4 classes (2,3,4,5+ axles)
Raised axles detectionYes
Speed estimationYes
ProcessingOnboard processing
Data buffering and storageYes
Web Server Installation and configuration with on board Web Application
IntegrationREST and binary protocol available
Date and HourSynchronization via NTP protocol or optional internal GPS
Software UpdateUpgrading via Web Application and integration protocols
FTPFTP Client mode for remote data transmission
Standard protocolsREST and binary protocol
ConfigurationActions and content customizable
Serial PortInsulated RS485
Trigger EthernetImage capture and processing triggered by Ethernet with start and stop message
Trigger InputImage capture and processing triggered with start and stop digital signal
Technical features
Image capture sensor2 Megapixel grayscale
IlluminatorInfrared External Illuminator
LensesFixed lens configuration
Operating SystemLinux Operating System
Digital i/o2 Inputs - 2 Outputs – 1 Strobe output
IP ProtectionIP68
EthernetGigaBit Ethernet 10/100/1000
StorageuSD up to 128 GB
Vandal proof ConnectorYes
Antitamper sensorYes
Internal SSDOptional, up to 1TB
Operating & Storage
From -40° to +60° C - From -40° to +140° F
Operating & Storage
Up to 95% non condensing
Dimensions225 x 132 x 244 mm - 8.85 x 5.2 x 9.6 in (WxHxL)
Weight3,6 kg - 8 lbs
Power supply voltage24 Vdc
Power consumption24W
F02002 Axle Counter Camera
F01920 External IR Illuminator

In order to update the firmware please contact, specifying the Part Number of your camera and the version of the firmware currently uploaded on it.