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traffic light camera

Traffic light cameras

How do traffic light cameras work?

Traffic light cameras are a type of traffic enforcement camera employed to capture images of vehicles crossing the intersection during the red traffic light phase.
The capturing of images is performed using artificial intelligence: when the traffic light status is red, the camera automatically detects it through image analysis technology. When the camera detects the red status, the violation mode is enabled, and the camera activates. The traffic camera creates a virtual trigger on the road; if the vehicle crosses this line, it is committing a violation, so the ANPR camera takes a picture of the license plate.

Why do we need traffic light cameras?

The main reasons for the need to install this type of camera are to change drivers’ behaviour, increase safety and reduce the number of accidents.
These cameras are an effective way to dissuade people who commit offences in intersections regulated by traffic lights.


How will you know if you’ve been caught?

Once captured the images of the crossing vehicle and detected its license plate through the onboard OCR engine, traffic light cameras send the transit to the police database. The documentation of the violation comprises black and white pictures, context pictures, and a streaming video to give evidence of the crime.
As the last step, the police send the violator a fine for the infraction committed.

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