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Tattile has eyes on Buenos Aires

Tattile has provided its high-performance free-flow ANPR system consisting of Vega Smart 2HD camera and Axle Counter cameras – powered by artificial intelligence – to Buenos Aires.

The city of Buenos Aires has set up a multi-lane, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), free-flow tolling system to help tackle traffic congestion as part of a wider climate change action plan. The barrier-free system is along the 10.5km-long Autopista Arturo Umberto Illiam, also called the AU Illia, one of the main entrances and exits to the south Atlantic port city.

The freeway links the Argentinian capital’s northern suburbs with the downtown and connects truck and bus traffic from La Plata to the north, running along the east shore of the city. (Arturo Umberto Illiam was a noted physician and politician who was Argentinian president from 1963-66).

The new system has been implemented for Ausa – Autopistas Urbanas Sociedad Anónima – the company in charge of maintaining and operating highways within Buenos Aires with its three million population. But the wider metropolitan population is around 17 million – about a third of the country’s total. Ausa’s main shareholder is the government of the city, which is neither part of Buenos Aires Province nor the province’s capital; rather, it is an autonomous district.

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