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Smart+ Speed on ITS International

Tattile has developed an advanced speed camera called Smart+ Speed that takes speed enforcement and safety to a new level. It sets the industry standard for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. With its neural algorithms and on-edge processing power, this A.I. camera ensures the highest level of performance. 

Tattile Smart+ Speed can monitor up to three lanes in front and rear installations. It can accurately identify the speed and position of vehicles in the monitored area, even when they are moving at speeds up to 320 km/h (198 mph).  

The camera uses a multi-tracking radar connected to the camera via a plug-and-play POE connection, making installation easy and adaptable to different environments. The external radar can be adjusted to different angles, making it suitable for various scenarios, whether mounted on highways or city streets. 

Thanks to its integrated Stark platform, which is secure by design and IEC62443 certified, Smart+ Speed can be easily customized to meet specific user requirements and new features can be seamlessly added as needed. 

Using neural plate & vehicle detector algorithms, Smart+ Speed guarantees high performance in speed enforcement. It can detect all passing vehicles with up to 99.5% accuracy in detection and up to 98% in recognition.

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