Tracking suspect vehicles

A smart solution to tackle crime on the road

Electronic eye technology: the most in-demand equipment against crimes



Introducing innovative technology is common and well-accepted practice among police and public security forces in their efforts against crime.

The most advanced modern systems, such as number plate readers, represent a valid support to surveillance and defense activities. Such tools function as tireless, scrutinizing eyes, capable of identifying wanted and ill-intentioned individuals.

Easy to install and with low energetic consumption, the Tattile Anpr devices, can read the plates directly on board. Installation is therefore considerably quicker. As a consequence, costs are naturally reduced.

These systems allow to track and identify transits of blacklisted vehicles.

Moreover, statistic evidence confirms the importance of such electronic devices: countless are the cases of stolen cars that have been recovered and, most of all, of suspect individuals tracked by the tireless, watchful work of the electronic eye.



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