Project Description

anpr mobile camera

ANPR Mobile Camera

Tattile ANPR Mobile is the smart solution to prevent crime, offered as an aid to Police Forces.


It is an evolved and modern license plate reading system, installed on the cars of specialized operational departments and/or intelligence services, as a support to surveillance and protection, serving as a tireless watchful eye on the road. ANPR Mobile is a latest generation system with Megapixel sensors that can scan up to one hundred license plates per second, front and rear, in any light condition. It is part of the sophisticated Tattile ANPR/ALPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) All On Board camera family, to read license plates in movement.



  • Police enforcement
  • Crime prevention
  • Embedded license plate analysis (Ocr onboard)
  • All in one: monochrome and color sensors, IR illuminator
  • Real time processing: up to 100 fps
  • Color video streaming: H.264 & MPEG4
  • Wi-fi data transmission from the unit to the pc/tablet
  • Gps onboard
  • Waterproof housing
  • Web server configuration and setup.
  • SD memory up to 128GB


Information Request

Tattile ANPR Mobile is a latest generation All On Board system, designed to read license plates in movement. Thanks to its unique features is offered as an aid to Police Forces, to carry out check-ups and to prevent crime.
It is equipped with Megapixel sensors, able to scan over one hundred license plates per second, front and rear, in all light conditions.
It is part of the Tattile ANPR/ALPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) devices, which combine multiple components in a compact solution, such as: sensor, infrared illuminator and processor with integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read automatically license plates.

The system does not require the installation of processing units on board of the cars, nor of physical connection between the cameras and the on board computer/ tablet. In fact, the license plates analysis is done directly from the cameras installed on the roof, bonnet or trunk of the car and the data transmission occurs in Wi-Fi mode. This way it is possible to speed up the installation, making ANPR Mobile easily transportable from a car to another, with a consequent costs reduction.
Tattile new solution is equipped with a sophisticated software that enables to capture images in both gray scale and color, with the best automatic selection of acquisition parameters with multiple auto exposure.
The control console runs on PCs, tablets, smartphones (Android based); enables you to receive data from multiple devices and display them as images, texts and to create white/black playlists.

We offer two ANPR Mobile versions:
– Short distance, for side reading, speed up to 50 km/h;
– Long distance, for front reading.


Software features
OCRANPR (ALPR) engine on board
Capture rateUp to 60 fps
Web ServerInstallation and configuration by Web Server on board
TCP/IP ServerConfiguration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol
Date and HourSynchronization via SNTP protocol or GPS
Software UpdateUpgrading via Web Interface and SDK
FTPFTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; two IP address management
TCP/IPTattile TCP/IP open protocol; two IP address management
StreamingVideo streaming via standard RTSP protocol
Free RunContinuous processing with automatic plate detection
Technical features
ANPR (ALPR) camera1920x1200 Monochrome CMOS sensor
Context camera1920x1080 Color CMOS sensorRange version)
IlluminatorShort range: 6 LEDs High power infrared @ 850nm
Medium/long range: 10 LEDs High power infrared @ 850nm
LensesC-Mount. Many focal lengths available
Operating SystemLinux
ConnectorsWaterproof circular connector
NetworkFast Ethernet 10/100 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
StorageUp to 128 GB
Operating & Storage
From -30° to +60° C / -22° to +140° F
Operating & Storage
Up to 95% non condensing
Dimensions178 x 76 x 141 mm - 7 x 3 x 5.5 in (WxHxL)
Weight1,650 Kg - 3.63 lbs
ProtectionWaterproof IP66/IP67
Power supply voltage12 Vdc
Power consumption15 W
F01710 ANPR MOBILE SYSTEM Short range
F01845 ANPR MOBILE SYSTEM Medium range
F01696 ANPR MOBILE SYSTEM Long range

Please contact to request the new firmware, specifying the current firmware version of your camera.