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Smart+: the most powerful AI ANPR / LPR camera built for extraordinary performance.

Smart+: the most powerful AI ANPR / LPR camera built for extraordinary performance.

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With its multiple AI neural accelerators, Smart+ achieves extraordinary performance in demanding multi-vehicle and multi-lane applications, providing additional acceleration and using at the same time multiple algorithms. 

The Smart + is equipped with a new high-end sensor (up to 8Mpx on the OCR channel), providing better image quality and coverage up to 3 lanes in the 8Mpx configuration. 

With multiples AI hardware accelerators, the Smart+ can run multiple algorithms and achieve a high-performance level, including up to 3 OCR on-board algorithms for inside inspection for front vehicle occupancy.  

The Smart+ is the right product for hi-end applications, like tolling, security, and vehicle occupancy; it can detect vehicles up to 320 km/h (186 mph depending on layout) with a detection accuracy level >99,5% 


Stark the configurable platform of Tattile’s cameras!   

Stark is the game-changer software platform for the new generation of Tattile’s  ANPR / LPR cameras. 

  • It is the first software platform secure by design, expressly conceived to resist the harshest cyber attack. 
  • It is 100% configurable according to the customer’s needs. 
  • It allows multiple applications to run at the same time. 
  • It is common to the whole Tattile’s camera range, allowing significant efficiencies at the integration and training levels. 

Smart+ can host on-board different applications in addition to the ANPR, like the inside inspection and BCCM, with extraordinary performance, in terms of the execution time of the various algorithms. 

With a totally configurable event/action chain, Smart+ manage the most common data format and communication protocol. Is it possible to send different file formats (e.g., JPG, XML, JSON, …) through the most common communication protocol (e.g., HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP, …). 

The new filtering options allow to generate the events only in defined conditions. For example, to detect vehicles in the wrong way, vehicles with dangerous goods, and generate an event related to a match with a list. 

With the new Stark objects and transit detector, it is possible to export the entire trajectory of the vehicle in the field of view, making the reconciliation of the data easier with external devices like scanners or radar. The trajectory data allows to understand the vehicle behaviours in the field of view and is possible to detect not permitted behaviours like illegal turns or stops. 

  • External devices and local storage 

The camera can be easily integrated and connected to external devices using the REST API interface, making interaction with external classifiers (laser-scanner, radar, loops, etc.), RFID antenna and vehicle axle information easier. 

The local buffering system and the extra optional local storage (each Smart+ already has local memory, and the possibility to have an internal SSD let the system work even in case of disruption of data connection, providing safe temporary storage and automatic retrieval of stored data