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Basic MK2 with Stark Platform

Basic MK2 with Stark Platform

Compact and innovative, the new Basic MK2 is 4 times faster than the previous Vega Basic camera. Functional and design-oriented, the new Basic MK2 is compatible with STARK, the new software designed and developed by Tattile.  

  • Stark software is secure by design and provides a fully configurable, totally modular platform with a multilingual and super user-friendly web interface.  
  • The new CPU, specifically designed for AI algorithms, enables performance to increase up to four times faster than the previous Vega Basic.   
  • Conceived primarily for stop & go tolling, parking, and access control systems, the BasicMK2 features a Power-over-Ethernet (POE+) interface to minimize installation and maintenance time.   

Basic MK2 works even in the event of a data connection failure, as it automatically stores the images in the local memory, allowing the stored images to be released once the network is restored, avoiding loss of transits.  

Available in short and long rage, the Vega Basic MK2 can be used in different applications with different installation layouts. 

Extremely compact to reduce installation impact, Basic MK2 is also equipped with an innovative AI vehicle and plate detector, enabling comprehensive traffic and access control

Stark Platform is the modular architecture for demanding ITS applications.  

Stark is the game-changer software platform for the new generation of Tattile’s  ANPR cameras

  • It is the first software platform secure by design, expressly conceived to resist the harshest cyber attack.
  • It is 100% configurable according to the customer’s needs.
  • It allows multiple applications to run at the same time.
  • It is common to the whole Tattile’s camera range, allowing significant efficiencies at the integration and training levels.

Thanks to Stark, the new Basic MK2 is up to 4 times faster than the previous version and can host up to 2 OCRs on board based on AI, increasing the reading performance. 

With a totally configurable event/action chain, Basic MK2 manage the most common data format and communication protocol. Is it possible to send different file formats (e.g., JPG, XML, JSON, …) through the most common communication protocol (e.g., HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP, …).

The new filtering options allow to generate the events only in defined conditions. For example, to detect vehicles in the wrong way, vehicles with dangerous goods, and generate an event related to a match with a list. 

On Stark is possible to upload different lists (e.g. matching list, stolen vehicle…), and with the configurable interface, it is possible to check the matching with a list and generate different events, for example, grant or deny access to a specific area, communicate with police forces in case of a stolen vehicle, and open a bar o a gate directly from the camera.