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How does ANPR works in car parks?

  • ANPR cameras installed at the entrance and exit of a car park detect and read the license plate passing in front of them. It generates a transit containing all the metadata related to the vehicle, including plate, date, time, brand, class, color & model, direction approaching or receding, estimated optical speed, etc.
  • An ANPR parking management system can be helpful for many purposes; the main benefits are saving time, automatizing processes, and minimizing human effort.

Main functions

  • The use of an ANPR parking system can have different purposes, according to the primary goal of the parking manager. In general, the main functions of ANPR cameras in parking systems are the following:
    • Automatic barrier
    • Security
    • Parking lots availability
    • Time and payment check
    • Customer profiling

The plug&play solution for car parks

  • Plug&Play: easy installation and configuration for automatizing car parks
  • Embedded technology: ready-for-use solution, no external devices necessary. OCR image conversion directly in the camera
  • Automatic mode: the internal object detector automatically detects the presence of a vehicle or license plate
  • The device, thanks to its digital relay outputs, is also in direct control of opening the automatic barriers at entrances and exits
  • On board management of a black list and a white list


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