ANPR Cameras

The Vega Smart Family


The Vega Smart line is the new anpr camera built over a very performing base allowing a high scalability, for high-end, multi vehicle per second applications.

With embedded license plate recognition, image analysis software, high resolution sensors, low power consumption and a web server on-board, the Vega Smart camera allows performing innovative applications.

The camera has two multicore processors on board with Linux operating system.

The new number plate reader camera can be integrated/connected to external devices and can receive vehicle’s class data from external classifier (laser-scanner, radar, loops, etc.), tag identifier from RFID antenna and vehicle’s axels number data from external device.

Stand alone: thanks to the local buffering of information, the system is able to work also in case  of disruption of data connection.

Camera designed to detect and recognise reflective and no reflective licence plate.

New context camera color sensor capable to provide good quality image even in low light conditions (from 25 Lux) provides a state of the art Applications for  ANPR cameras in Intelligent Transport Systems.