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Tattile leading cyber security implementation in the ITS industry

Tattile, as a top international player in the field of Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS), sets itself high goals with the acquisition of the most important voluntary certification focused on cybersecurity: the IEC-62443 together with ISO-27001, a current and fundamental topic for the protection of IT infrastructure and sensitive data. 

In recent years, the number of security bugs detected has continuously grown. 

Reviewing the alarming cybersecurity statistics, we refer to the fact that the global annual cost of cybercrime is estimated to exceed $20 trillion by 2026 (source: Cybersecurity Ventures). 71% of all cyberattacks are financially motivated, followed by intellectual property theft and espionage (source: Verizon). 

ANPR / ALPR cameras: like many other network equipment are not exempt from cyberattacks for several reasons: being placed in public areas, they could be approached by ill-intentioned people. Working inside the interconnection of networks, cameras can be part of larger systems and interconnected with other devices and systems.  

Software and Firmware: Cameras may be vulnerable to unknown threats if they don’t receive regular updates from the manufacturer or users due to software and firmware vulnerabilities. 

Tattile, as a relevant market player, wants to lead the implementation of secure software in the ITS industry. With this aim, we, Tattile, developed the Stark software platform from scratch, having in mind to achieve the double certification, IEC-62443, focused on software security, and ISO-27001, focused on infrastructure IT security. 

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