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ITS INTERNATIONAL: Tattile launches final Axle Counter

Automatic vehicle identification solution guarantees detection rate of 99.5% of passing vehicles

By Adam Hill – ITS, July 27, 2021

Tattile has launched the final version of its Axle Counter System after two years of testing and development.

The company says the automatic vehicle identification solution now guarantees a detection rate of 99.5% of all passing vehicles, counting up to 2,400 vehicles per hour, with a peak of one vehicle per second for up to 60 seconds in extremely dense traffic.

The maximum vehicle speed for correct measurement has been raised to 250km/h.

The system also recognises stationary and queuing vehicles as well as those in slow-moving stop-and-go traffic.

Features such as identifying a raised axle due to a lighter vehicle load, and estimating axle distribution to provide more accurate data on the type of vehicle that is passing, have been integrated into the new set-up.


Existing features from the earlier version remain, such as gantry installation and full on-board processing, which makes any other external devices unnecessary.

The system can support two external independent devices to ensure left sight and right sight, with an IR illuminator allowing operation both day and night.

Data output is provided as a reconstructed image of the vehicle and configurable metadata, which can be sent to a server or stored locally. Web access to the system is also possible.

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