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From Intertraffic Daily News – Amsterdam 2018

Left to right: Corrado Franchi, Fabio Boiani, Roberto Marchioni, Constantino Volpe, Massimiliano Cominelli

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Tattile unveils Vega1 and the Smartaid

Leading Italian ITS company and machine vision specialist Tattile has unveiled two major new innovations for the global traffic and enforcement market: the Vega1 and the Smartaid.

The Vega1, a dual channel camera built in an extra-compact case to reduce installation impact, is mainly targeted to single lane vehicle tracking, traffic limited areas and priority lanes, as well as surveillance and access control and congestion charge areas.

Its high sensitivity image sensors are available for ANPR reading and video streaming, even in harsh and low-light conditions. It can classify vehicles by make, colour and class.

Importantly, the Vega1 does not require external infrared lighting and, because local storage is incorporated into the extra-compact device, it can work as a stand-alone unit or continue operation if connectivity is lost or not available.

“The Vega1 is a major advance in many ways but what makes it even more flexible for a whole range of diverse applications and requirements is the range of additional optional functionalities that can be added on demand by customers to meet their specific needs,” said Massimiliano Cominelli, sales manager of Tattile’s Traffic Division. “For instance, the capability to identify a vehicle’s brand, class and the colour by image analysis, together with some traffic statistics.”

Meanwhile, Tattile’s Smartaid camera is an all-in-one on-board intelligent traffic system that combines ANPR and complete traffic video monitoring and analysis. Indeed, the company says that its Smartaid product means that multiple devices performing single traffic monitoring and vehicle identification tasks belong to the past.

“Our new Smartaid system is a ground-breaking combination of these two former separate disciplines,” says Cominelli. “It includes all the features of a state of the art APNR system and a vehicle identification system, delivering monochrome and colour pictures.

“In addition, the intelligent video analysis of traffic flow can identify traffic disruptions as well as automatically providing alarms in case of congestion, an accident, pedestrians on the road, or any other unusual events.“

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